Thursday, August 19, 2010

The thorn birds film

The thorn birds film is a classic movie which will remain in the hearts of many good film admirers this year and many years to come. One person that did very well from this film was the Spanish guitarist Juan Martín, this film helped to elevate his career. To be honest with you its was his appearance on top of the pops, the weekly music chart shown here in the UK that made me want to watch the Thorn Birds Film.


  1. The Thorn Birds Film is one of those films which instantly takes me 20 years back in my life. Its most certainly a movie which is mixed with nostalgia, it sometimes appear in my dreams buts a dream that I'll always hang on too & also one that I always want too.

  2. The mark of a very good film is that no matter how old the film becomes, whenever you watch it, the film still seems fresh as well as able to outshine the quality of many films which are in modern day circulation. The Thorn Birds Film is a typical example of just that.