Sunday, January 6, 2013

Forever keeping my mind open

Following several months of work on changing your image Film. This change can be seen, goes the better. There is a revolution not taken to burn past the first month, do you do it gradually and very well. Congratulations.

I would have preferred a more advanced forty-toned - so I would say if you asked me "what is to be part of the film?" This new is good - this site is in the style of Hollywood, and can act only as good Movie page about the film. I have only one request of Mr. Thomas - may the Lord leads off the following function: just "hover" the cursor to the top right corner of the "F" and "Twit" and has already developed a large window (the important tab, click on the video). It bothers me. All the best. We like to watch you and read your books.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Polish Jewish cinema right now

What should be in your opinion , the common talk of the crisis of print media , the investment in readers and tablets, and film and television is slowly moving to the Internet ? What do you miss the most , and which still show ourselves to be helpful and useful ?

Are you more interested in describing the movies that come to theaters , or those that can be legally downloaded from the Internet more and more popular VOD services ? Do you need more information , or subjective opinions about the films formulated by critics , who are the authorities for you ? And if at all there are more of these influences? And if so, who was the closest to this position?

Just please , be honest to me. After all, not everyone who gives a review , you must be right, but sometimes the one who is wrong , the most effective forces for discussion , and this turns out to be worth more than any , even the best written , reviewed .

In this post you will find many items that could cause such discussion: on festivals (Festival of Festivals , p 100) , the screen versions of famous novels ( Goodbye, original ! , P 306) , a new generation of Polish (?) Directors ( Train to Hollywood , p 46) , a series of military ( enemy Mine , p 74), a Polish Jewish cinema ( of Polish cinematography , p 54), the webizodach ( Ask a ninja: Why do we need TV ? , p 80 ) and , finally, the new Disney game ( game without boundaries , p 86). Will they succeed? Do you find the argument that calls for you rebellion and discord ? Did you find out what sparked your imagination ? Is it because of what you have read in this issue, you have chosen to a particular movie ?

We look forward to your editorial on e-mails and messages in USA the FILM . I promise that we take them seriously , and we draw conclusions from them .

And now we invite you to read : carefully , without bias , but without superficial hurray . Young and enthusiastic editorial team FILM accept any opinion on the chest . So we taught the youngest of us – Dave Jones