Thursday, February 14, 2013

Aleksander Jackiewicz holds his anger

Box made ​​its debut in the 501 issue of "Film", which was released on July 13, 1958. Angry founder was Aleksander Jackiewicz. Originally appeared every two weeks, and from 16 April 1961 every week. In the early years could be angry and fickle - sometimes the reviewer changed after re-evaluation of watching the movie!

For equal to five years - from October 2007 to October 2012 - Angry was not nine, but twelve. Angry function held longest George Płażewski. Author of the famous "History of Cinema" was it until the 835 edition. In this issue appeared in issue 995 Angry ... which means that in October, will be celebrating its heading anniversary.

They were in the history of Angry sections devoted solely to films, presented a review of the confrontations and the Film Week in England, and they were angry, in which critics were evaluated by the directors ... happens to those who evaluated a small number of movies translated leave. Or exposed films "Seven", although the highest grade was always "six".

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