Thursday, February 21, 2013

Best Polish film thriller 1945

You are God "winners Golden Ducks in 2012. "Dogs" the best film of
the sensational "You are God" by Leszek Dawid was the best Polish film
season 2011/2012 in a poll Golden Ducks in 2012. The best Polish film thriller filmed in 1945 were "dogs" Wladyslaw Pasikowski. Winners pointed readers of FILM. Golden Ducks statuettes were presented during a gala at the Theatre Stanisławowski in the Royal. The star of a special gala was Joe Cocker.

Gala gala conducted Grazyna Torbicka and editor-in-chief FILM, Thomas hands.

During the gala, also awarded a special anniversary Golden Ducks on the occasion of the 55th anniversary of the plebiscite. Were awarded to: Actress Danuta Szaflarska - heroine and face first magazine cover FILM, Andrzej Wajda - the most renowned Polish film-maker of the past 55 years and Television Polish Poland as the largest film producer in the past 55 years. Also received a special award Audioteka.

Awards for the best film makers of last season also received Maciej Pisuk, writer of "You Are God" and Jolanta Dylewska cinematographer for "The Darkness". The best actress last season was Agata Kulesza - FILM readers appreciated her role in "Rose". The award for best actor Marcin Kowalczyk received for his performance in "You are God."

The statuette for best actress thrillers Kamila Baar has received for his role in "Vincim". The best actor thrillers was Boguslaw Linda.

"What distinguishes Golden Ducks from many other film awards given by judges, scholars and critics, the fact that they are an expression of applause and gratitude to fans who vote on it in an online poll. There is no room for bullshit and environmental systems - viewers do not agree with each other verdict or it did not consult with anyone. Golden Ducks show just who and what they love to Polish viewers "- says editor-in Movie, Tomasz Raczek, referring to the results of the plebiscite.

The co-organizer of the plebiscite and the gala Golden Ducks 2012 was the Polish Film Institute, co-organizer of the gala Polish Filmmakers Association. The honorary patrons Gala taken by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. The main sponsor of the Gala Golden Ducks in 2012 was the company Orange, prestigious sponsors are companies W.Kruk and Vistula. Partner gala was also Zywiec Group, as well as company Dessange and Disaronno.

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