Sunday, March 24, 2013

Krystyna Janda in the category

More than 2 million 300 thousand viewers watched Nov. 18 Gala Golden Ducks on channel TVP. That's a record in the tradition of the oldest Polish film award, the final of three years is broadcast by TVP.

In addition to the audience of 2.5 thousand guests in Warsaw's Congress Hall applauded the winners and leading Gala - Grazyna Torbicka and Paul Krolikowski, and great singers: Edyta Gorniak and Mieczyslaw Szczesniak ("Dumka two hearts"), Sonia Bohosiewicz (song from "Night and day "), Thomas Karolak (" Melusine "from" The Academy of Mr. Blot ") and Boris Szyca (song from" Vabanku ").

Honorary Patronage of the gala Golden Ducks held the Mayor of Warsaw and the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. Was co-organized by the Polish Film Institute.

The voting results seemed to us very interesting, both in historical terms - Golden Ducks Centennial for film history and costume - and then awards season (between 1 October 2008 and 30 September 2009). What else is worth a special highlight, the vast majority of categories votes were spread very evenly, and although ultimate winner is generally conducted in the vote from the very beginning, the distance between successive titles or actors were not very large.

The exception was a Krystyna Janda in the category of historical costume, which from the beginning of the plebiscite conducted with a large number of votes. Recall that this is another "historic" duck the outstanding actress - Two years ago, she easily won the Golden Duck 50 years (since the then anniversary of our poll - the oldest in Poland, not only the film awards, but also cultural, celebrated). The phenomenon of "Janda" certainly deserves a profound analysis because its phenomena can not be reduced only to the actor's craft, or even an extremely successful debut as a creator, director, director and personal manager of the theater. Janda is a female body, woman-standing and a female symbol. Perhaps one of the latest in modern Poland, where felling and spitting authorities has become somewhat of a national sport.

On the other ducks agrees to pay attention to the category of Polish duel against the rest of the world, which was initially treated only as a form of sympathetic fun. The results surprised us, however, to the point that we started to think about not just the "hurrapatriotyzmem" viewers, which ascertainment that - perhaps - just really did a great historical movie!

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