Friday, March 1, 2013

Monika Richardson and Cezary Claw

Gala was broadcast on Channel 2 aired on Polish TV, hosted the ceremony in the Congress Hall of the Palace of Culture were Monika Richardson and Cezary Claw. Gala was co-organized by the Polish Film Institute and the Office of the City of Warsaw. The ceremony did not lack such personalities as: Jerzy Antczak, Jadwiga Barańska, Edyta Gorniak, Katarzyna Figura, Jerzy Skolimowski, Zbigniew Zapasiewicz and Jerzy Hoffman.

Nearly two million TV viewers and two thousand VIPs from the world of culture, business and the media in Warsaw's Congress Hall applauded, admired, delighted in and affected by the biggest Polish film artists who won the Golden Duck 50 years.

It all started long before Monday evening October 29, when lit spotlights front of the Palace of Culture and the first distinguished guests walked up the stairs sent the red carpet.

The editorial staff of "Film" a week earlier cut short a phone with requests for invitations to the Gala, with questions, who leads in the vote, and who has the best chance of ultimate victory. They called actors and their agents, major businessmen and journalists. And readers. We ourselves, editors of "Picture", we were surprised by the emotion that was accompanied.

I think only the same Gala realized that the atmosphere is so hot after a natural explanation, when before our eyes roztoczyło the whole post-war Polish cinema: movies-masterpieces galaxy of outstanding actors, gripping his throat music and the best questions. What's more, Congress Hall was filled with just those whom we owe the greatest film of emotion.

Then we realized that although our anniversary Golden ducks readers and viewers can even award prizes in 10 categories, and the appointment was not until 75, it's still not enough to distinguish, reward and just thank all the well-deserved. For those who are difficult to Poland and Polish years provided us with the greatest excitement and emotion, let know and understand, help to laugh and cry. We thank them all - the famous and anonymous.

And each of the winners of the 10 categories of our poll is treated as a primus inter pares: first among equals.

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